International Pedagogical Forum , IPF 2019

Dear University

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Organizing Committee of The International Pedagogical Forum (IPF 2019) presents its compliments and invites you to become a partner of our global educational project. We would like to invite your university to participate in the forum as one of the top universities in the world. You will get the chance to send your best teachers to all the cities where the forum is held. They can present your university to other top educators from around the world and the global educational community. University will provide information about what kind of students are needed today, what methodologies help them gain today's necessary qualities and skills, and how to identify the most talented and promising candidates so they have the opportunity to join your community. We will provide your representatives with accommodation, meals and participation in the forum in all five cities.

The forum will be broadcasted live and made available to every teacher, school or college in the world.

We attract attention from the scientific community all around the world. We enable scientists and teachers together with your representatives to evaluate the scientific significance of their work and publish their scientific articles in the Global Forum edition after the event is over. A separate collection of articles will also be published for the scientific community, the selection of which we will complete together. We grant access to this scientific base to every teacher around the world, helping increase the citation index of your university's scientific publications. Teachers publish their articles to present your university to the global educational community to not only increase your university's popularity, but also establish closer ties with other schools, colleges, teachers and parents. This will help attract the most talented students to your community.

We are holding The International Pedagogical Forum 2019 on 4–8 November 2019 simultaneously in five countries and cities around the world: Helsinki, Singapore, Washington, Warsaw and Berlin. The best teachers from around the globe can participate in the forum for free. Teachers from every country can learn more about the skills and working methods of their best international colleagues. The forum's program consists of speeches from the participants, world leaders in politics, business and education, and famous members of the world press. The forum is held by the International Institute for Educational Development (USA) and the European Institute for Educational Development (Poland).

The aim of Our Forum is to bridge the gap between education levels, ensure access to quality education for all and solve the issue of illiteracy. Modern education has no borders thanks to modern technology. That is why we are bringing together the strongest teacher leaders in their field from all over the world for free to answer the question of how to teach the next generation.

The Organizing Committee of the IPF 2019 International Pedagogical Forum hereby expresses its desire to cooperate with one of the best universities in the world as a General Partner of the Forum and is ready to start discussions in any form most convenient for you. We are happy to provide you with any information you need about the IPF 2019 Global International Pedagogical Forum.

With sincere appreciation,

Eugene Baranovsky

Organizing Committee Chairman

of the IPF 2019 Global International Pedagogical Forum.


phone: +48 22 3003913


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