Department of German Studies

Departmental coordinator: PhDr. Tamara Bučková, Ph.D.

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Courses are taught in German.

Academic Year 2020/2021

Winter semester


  • Introduction to German Studies

  • OEBGG1816Y Phonetics and Phonology I

  • OEBGG1829Y Cultural Studies of Germany, Austria and Switzerland

  • OEBGG1820Y German Literature I (750-1700)

  • OEBGG1812Y Syntax I

  • OEBGG1813Y Morphology II

  • OEBGG1808Y German Literature III (1798-1890)

  • Introduction to German Methodology I

  • OEBGG1824Y Conversational Training

  • OEBGG1829Y Cultural Studies of Germany, Austria and Switzerland

  • OEBGG1809Y Seminar on History of German-speaking Countries (19th century)

  • OEBGG1821Y Selected Chapters from Medieval German Literature

  • Practical Phonetics

  • OEBGG1838Y Problems of Contemporary German Language

  • OEBGG1811Y Project German Literature, Theatre and Film

  • Intercultural Communication

  • OEBGG1807Y German Literature and Music

  • OEBGG1810Y Novels and Novellas of Realism


  • OENGG1801Y Text and Stylistic Analysis

  • OENGG1822Y Morphosyntax of a German Sentence

  • OENGG1818Y German Drama Development from Baroque to Naturalism

  • OENGG1805Y Methodology of German Language I

  • OENGG1825Y Practical Methodology

  • OENGG1829Y Trends in Development of German Language

  • OENGG1818Y Literature II (1945-1990)

  • OENGG1831Y Methodology of German Language III

  • OENGG1832Y Conversational Training

  • Introduction to Translation

  • OENGG1826Y German Literature in Bohemia and Moravia

  • OENGG1834Y Selected Chapters from Morphosyntax

  • OENGG1803Y Czech-German Coexistence in the Historical Lands of the Bohemian Crown and the pre-war Czechoslowakia

  • OENGG1804Y Linguistics and German Studies in Czech Lands

  • OENGG1817Y Austrian and Swiss Literature of 19th and 20th Century

  • OENGG1835Y Problems of Contemporary Methodology

  • Development of Writing Skills

  • OENGG1828Y Methodology ̶ Classroom Observation

  • OENGG1802Y Methodology of Literature and Cultural Studies

  • OENGG1817Y Selected Works of Austrian and Swiss Literature of 19th and 20th Century

Summer semester


  • OEBGG1836Y Morphology I

  • Introduction to Literature Studies

  • OEBGG1845Y Phonetics and Phonology II

  • OEBGG1835YSyntax II

  • OEBGG1852YLexicology

  • German Literature II (1700-1850)

  • German Literature IV (1780-1925)

  • Methodology of German Language II

  • Conversational Training

  • Project History of German-speaking Countries (20th and 21st century)

  • Project Chapters from Contemporary German Grammar I

  • Translation Training (Czech – German, German – Czech)

  • Project Works of Goethe and Schiller

  • Selected Chapters from Literature for Children and Youth

  • Analysis of Literary Texts

  • Introduction to Newer History of Development of German Language

  • German Literature in Bohemia and Moravia

  • Works of Literature Nobel Prize Laureates


  • Contemporary Trends in Word-Formation

  • Literature I (1925-1945)

  • Methodology of German Language

  • Practical Methodology

  • Literature for Children and Youth

  • Literature III (from 1990- present days)

  • Methodology of German Language IV

  • Conversational Training

  • Translation Training (Czech- German; German- Czech)

  • Selected Chapters from Pragmalinguistics

  • Project Historical Novel

  • Analysis of Literary Texts

  • Seminar on Contemporary German Literature

  • Selected Chapters from Sociolinguistics

  • Methodology of Literature for Children and Youth

  • Interactive Media in German Language Teaching

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