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PhD. Studies

Contact person: PhDr. Petra.Vaňková, Ph.D. e-mail:

Dana Nemcova e-mail:

Application deadline: 30. 4. 2019

Entrance examination date: 14. 6. 2019

Fee per academic year and per student: 2 000 CZK

Fee for the application: 540 CZK

Komerční banka Bank account: 85236011/0100 Constant code for payment via postal order: 0379 Constant code for bank transfer: 0308 Variable code: 920 Transfer post code for payment via postal order: IBAN: CZ43 0100 0000 0000 8523 6011

Open Day Doctoral Studies: 10. 12. 2018

Open Day Doctoral Studies: 15. 3. 2019


- information on the organization of entrance exams

- information on the organization of the study

- consultation with academics

- consultation with students (student´s experience)

Characteristics of studies

Doctoral study is organized in 4 years. It is intended candidates who have properly completed Master's degree program. In the event that the applicant finishes a Master's degree after the deadline for submission of the application he has to submit the proof of completion of a Master degree to October 21 in the same year.

The study is realized in 2 forms – full-time and combined. Full-time study assumes learner involvement of student in the activities of the department which realizes the study programme. The activity consists in research or teaching activities according to the nature of the department. The combined study assumes contact with the student's workplace on purely educational basis. Doctoral program envisages independent research and creative activity. The artistic-pedagogical branches are aimed at independent theoretical and creative activity.

The study is realized in English. The condition is therefore such knowledge of the English language, what enables the candidate to carry out the above mentioned activities, including taking exams and writing dissertation.

Entrance exam

The candidate demonstrates the capability of doctoral studies at the entrance examination. The exam takes the form of a debate about the project research. The candidate proves own thoughts and thorough knowledge of the research field. Any additional claims in particular branches are mentioned in information about the branches.

Research project

The expected length of text is 10 pages. The project should include in particular: motivation of the applicant to the topic processing, the state of the research in selected field, the results of candidate´s own activities in chosen field, aims, hypotheses, methods, anticipated results, bibliography, design of individual stages of dissertation with respect to the length of study.


Due to the nature and content of study, the applicant can consult the theme, the structure of project and possibilities for its processing with chairs of doctoral boards. Contacts are listed in the information about branches of study.

Admission (The general information)

Recognition of Foreign Diplomas and Degrees (The procedure at Charles University: Written application and Attached documents)

Assessment of foreign tertiary education in the admissions procedure of Charles University Bank Account Form

Programmes offered in English and German (4 years):

Applicants should submit the following documents:

  • Application form

  • professional curriculum vitae

  • officially-verified certification of completed undergraduate degree (Master´s studies)

  • a list of publications

  • proposal for a research project

  • additional documentation that may determine the appropriate research panel for doctoral study

  • the proof of payment of the administrative fee

Te application documents are sent by post to the

Faculty of Education Charles University

Dana Nemcová - Department for Research and Scientific Activities

M. Rettigové 4

116 39 Praha 1

Application form: on-line

Fee for the application: 540 CZK

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