Music Theory and Education

Characteristics of the Studies

The specialization of Music Theory and Education is based on the selection and synthesis of the musicological and musical educational disciplines, allowing a balanced preparation of highly qualified experts in terms of research and teaching. In accordance with a broad spectrum of musical pedagogy, the specialization follows the scope of the study corresponding to the target: preparation of specialists in the area of research of general music education, vocational training and other activities requiring such a specialization.

Entrance Examination

Specifications of admission requirements:

Applicants hand in a written project (including bibliography) up to 10 pages on the candidate´s selected vocational topic together with the application form to the Department of Science of the Faculty of Education, Charles University. It is expected that the project has its own ideas and proves to have skills for scientific work. The project should include the characteristics of the research problem, the basic idea of the goals and structure of the issue and the methods in theoretical research and professional literature.

Candidates are admitted to study if they meet all admission requirements

a) officially-verified certification of completed undergraduate degree (Master´s degree progeramme)

b) to pass an entrance examination, reach minimum number of point determined by the Dean,

c) to meet any other requirements specified by a given field of study.

Evaluation Criteria will be rated from 1 to 10 points, with a maximum score of 10 and a minimum score of 7.

Graduate Profile

The graduate has acquired knowledge in a wide range of music-educational research, music history, music theory, didactics of general and special music education and music theory aimed at the teaching interpretation and application of their theoretical knowledge. Graduates are able to develop scientific experience based on research and application of theoretical knowledge in practice, for general and special education at all levels. They are able to develop their own further scientific knowledge and qualification.

Prof. PaedDr. Michal Nedělka, Dr.

Supervisor of Doctoral Studies

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