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Department of Germanic Studies


The Department of Germanic Studies focuses on the training of future teachers of German language and literature for primary and secondary schools both in the bachelor and master study programme. Besides the undergraduate programmes, the department also offers the possibility to broaden the teacher’s qualifications for another subject as part of a distance study of the lifelong learning programme. In the field of German language teaching, the department cooperates with primary and secondary schools and also offers language and methodology courses for teachers of German. For those interested in LLP Erasmus stipends, the department has plenty of contracts with German and Austrian universities.

Scientific activities

The science activities of the department are aimed towards the research of contact linguistics, the research of Prague German literature, the literatures of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the literature for children and teenagers, the didactics of literature for children and teenagers, and also at the implementation of the primary and secondary education curricular reform into the language teachers training programme. The department is also responsible for doctoral exams (PhDr.)






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