• Information for newly admitted PhD students

    All students successfully met the requirements for the admission examination to the Faculty of Education of Charles University to the doctoral study for both full time and combined study programme, who have demonstrated the fulfilment of additional admission requirements (stamped, apostille or superlegalized master diploma) published in the admission requirements for the academic year. This must be submitted by 22 October 2020.

    Once these requirements have been met, you will be promptly notified of the decision regarding your admission for study and then allowed to enrol pursuant to Section 51 of the Higher

    Education Act.

    Detailed information about enrolment you will find under the following link:

  • Once student receives the decision of admission, they shall be contacted by a person from the department of science and research regarding the reservation for dormitory. Students have to pay the reservation fee ahead before coming in person to Prague.

After receiving reservation verification, students can then fly to Prague and visit the department of science and research office to sign documentation of admission and to receive directions to where to get their student ID (more info here:

You can then pick up your student ID card at: UK Point - ground floor - Praha 1 - Celetná 13

Office hours:

Mo-Thu: 9:00–12:00, 12:30–18:00

Fri: 9:00–12:00, 12:30–16:00

Information regarding accommodation and food facilities can be found at the UK dormitory address. and

Reservation of the dormitories is done by the Department of Science and Research officer automatically (for the term September - October 2020),

students have to report their date of arrival to: in order for the officer to make an appointment.

The overall process is as follows:

  1. student provides a date of arrival (estimated date is sufficient due to the fact that visa process may take up to 90 days)

  2. reservation is issued

  3. student pays the reservation fee

  4. verification of temporary residence is provided to the student

Students can also make a reservation on their own via the provided links above. Students should inform the dormitory representative ( ) about the specific date of their arrival to Prague.

Each student will receive their logins in person to access the Individual study plan via where they have to input their Individual study plan (ISP) which needs to be input from 1.10.2020 until 1.12.2020.

SIS completion manual can be downloaded here:SIS manual

note.: see the picture below for an example of the SIS layout

Study courses are provided and administered by the supervisor of each student. ISPs should be in compliance with and negotiated prior to submission to the SIS system. Specific structure of the ISP is realted to the study major descriptions avaliable here:


- Accepted full-time students usually stay onsite and are eligible for a PhD. scholarship received monthly in the amount of 10.500 CZK. However, this amount can be issued only from the time they start studying, that means to have a Czech bank account and sign in person immatriculation documents after arriving in the Czech Republic. Start of the studies is always realted to the start of the semester (October/February) from which students can recieve monthly PhD. schollarship. Accepted distance(combined) students have to create individual study plans and have to be in-person to do exams and fulfil duties in-person in Prague at our faculty at least 3 months per academic year. Distance students cannot recieve PhD. schollarship support.

- Students who get accepted have to create an ISP (Individual study plan) and fulfil duties in compliance with their supervisor, depending on the study field and focus, if any of the duties are not fullfilled schoolarship support may be reduced.

- There are currently no study fees, nor fees for any internal courses at the Faculty of Education of Charles University in Prague. However, our faculty does not provide students with any support in terms of health insurance, bank account set up, cell phone programmes etc. Nor does the faculty provide support in terms of payment for accommodation, transportation for the entrance exams etc.

- Students have to come to Czech Republic in person in order to get fully enrolled in their studies. Each student is responsible for their own visa process. In case students need to apply for long-term permit, they can make an appointment with a visa officer at and submit the necessary documentation in person during the appointment (study verification, verification of temporary residence in the Czech Republic from the dormitory or landlord of a residence, verification of income or scholarship).

Admission (The general information)

Visa and AccommodationProcedure for Foreign Students Confirming Accommodation at the Halls of Residence at Charles University in Prague

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