PhD. Studies - Admission procedure

Contact person: Bc. Eliška Šmerdová, e-mail:

Department for Research and Scientific Activities

Admissions for the academic year 2024/25:

Application deadline:

31 March 2024

Entrance examination:

14 June 2024

Alternative date of the entrance examination:

28 June 2024


22 March 2024

Enrolment for international PhD students

1 September–31 October 2024

Admissions for the academic year 2025/26:

Application deadline:

30. 11. 2024 - 31. 3. 2025

Entrance examination:

13. 06. 2025

Alternative date of the entrance examination:

27. 06. 2025


22. 11. 2024 and 21. 3. 2025

Enrolment for international PhD students

1 September–31 October 2025

Application form: on-line

Applicants should submit the following documents:

  • Application form (electronic only via link above)

  • professional curriculum vitae

  • officially-verified certification of completed master's degree (diploma + diploma supplement)

  • a list of publications (optional)

  • proposal for a research project (as an attachment to the electronic application only)

  • additional documentation that may determine the appropriate research panel for doctoral study (optional)

  • the proof of payment of the administrative fee

*if the applicants shall fail to provide the documentation until the application deadline, they will recive a 5-day notice to complete the application with all the documents. If they fail to do so in due time, their application will be terminated without any refund possible.

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION of Master´s degree programme. The candidate submits a certified copy of Master´s degree programme to the Department for research and scientific activities at the Faculty of Education by October 21 the same year (I. round) / March 21 the same year (II. round) at the latest. The applicant cannot be admitted without this document. Candidates who completed Master´s degree programme from abroad need to present confirmation of the equivalence. Information about the assessment of foreign tertiary education documents can be found here

Diploma Recognition (useful links):

Specification of legalization of documents - the verification procedure follows the following patterns based on the country of origin and valid international agreements

Diploma recognition

Assessment of foreign tertiary education in the admissions procedure of Charles University

General recognition of foreign higher education at CU

The application documents are sent by post to the

Faculty of Education Charles University

Bc. Eliška Šmerdová

Department for Research and Scientific Activities

M. Rettigové 4

116 39 Praha 1

Open door day programme 23.11.2023 avaliable here

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New web for incoming students

How to set up an application:

Information about studies at Carles University: Webinar - Study at CU

Live webinar: Facebook webinar

Fees associated with the admission procedure:

Online application fee (CZK): Doctoral study: 2000 CZK

The fee must be paid for each submitted application form. Payment is made by bank transfer or deposit in the bank. The proof is the bank transfer confirmation (not the payment order) or a copy of a bank account statement. The fee is nonrefundable. At any stage of the admission process the fee is not refunded even if the applicant does not attend the entrance examination or does not apply electronically.

Tuition fee for studies in a foreign language:

Tuition (CZK) / per period: 4000 CZK / year

Komerční banka Bank account: 85236011/0100, Variable code: Students number, Transfer post code for payment via postal order: IBAN: CZ43 0100 0000 0000 8523 6011, SWIFT: KOMB CZ PP

The electronic form of application is available at To submit an application properly we recommend reading help. Please note that after completing an electronic application it is necessary to finalize it by clicking on „ODESLAT“ button, otherwise it is not valid.

Only an electronically submitted application is considered valid, no printed versions sent via postal service an be accepted. The application must be submitted and fee paid by the application deadline.

Application status can be checked at:,module „Admission“ (application storage, entrance examination dates, admission results, etc.). After filling in the application in electronic form, each candidate will receive their unique code necessary for paying the fee.The fee must be paid for each submitted application form and is due on the last day of application submission. If the application form is not properly filled or does not contain required information, the Faculty of Education will ask the candidate to rectify it within a given period. If the application is not rectified in time, admission procedure is terminated.

Characteristics of studies

Doctoral study is organized in 4 years. It is intended candidates who have properly completed Master's degree program. In the event that the applicant finishes a Master's degree after the deadline for submission of the application, he/she has to submit the proof of completion of a Master degree until October 21 the same year (I. round) / March 21 the same year (II. round).

The study is realized in 2 forms – full-time and combined. Full-time study assumes learner involvement of student in the activities of the department which realizes the study programme. The activity consists of research or teaching activities according to the nature of the department. The combined study assumes contact with the student's workplace on a purely educational basis. Doctoral program envisages independent research and creative activity. The artistic-pedagogical branches are aimed at independent theoretical and creative activity.

The study is realized in English. The condition is therefore such knowledge of the English language, what enables the candidate to carry out the above mentioned activities, including taking exams and writing a dissertation thesis.

Entrance exam

The candidate demonstrates the capability of doctoral studies at the entrance examination. The exam takes the form of a debate about the project research. The candidate proves own thoughts and thorough knowledge of the research field. Any additional claims in particular branches are mentioned in information about the branches.

Research project

The expected length of text is 10 pages. The project should include in particular: motivation of the applicant to the topic processing, the state of the research in selected field, the results of candidate´s own activities in chosen field, aims, hypotheses, methods, anticipated results, bibliography, design of individual stages of dissertation with respect to the length of study.


Due to the nature and content of study, the applicant can consult the theme, the structure of project and possibilities for its processing with chairs of doctoral boards. Contacts are listed in the information about branches of study.

Useful links:


- Accepted full-time students usually stay onsite and are eligible for a PhD. scholarship received monthly in the amount of 10.500 CZK. However, this amount can be issued only from the time they start studying, that means to have a Czech bank account and sign in person immatriculation documents after arriving in the Czech Republic. Accepted distance(combined) students have to create individual study plans and have to be in-person to do exams and fulfil duties in-person in Prague at our faculty at least 3 months per academic year. Distance students cannot receive PhD. scholarship support.

- Students who get accepted have to create an ISP (Individual study plan) and fulfil duties in compliance with their supervisor, depending on the study field and focus, if any of the duties are not fulfilled scholarship support may be reduced.

- Our faculty does not provide students with any support in terms of health insurance, bank account set up, cell phone programmes etc. Nor does the faculty provide support in terms of payment for accommodation, transportation for the entrance exams etc.

- Applicants for the full-time study if approved have to set up a Czech bank account in person in the Czech Republic in order to receive any scholarships

- Due to the recent crisis applicant from Russian Federation will not be granted any student visas to Czech Republic or EU. If you are an applicant from Russian Feredartion, you may apply, but in order to enrol you will have to complete the Czech MOI visa process first. We advise Russian applicants to wait for application after the international conflict resolves. For more info read Statement of Charles University on the entry of newly admitted Russians and Belarusians to study

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