The Erasmus+ programme is co-financed from European Union funds and by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The programme was created with the aim of encouraging interrelations and collaboration between universities within the EU and its immediate surroundings, to improve language education and to disseminate information about educational systems in various countries, thus bringing our education to a whole new level and giving it a truly European dimension. The programme offers study stays and traineeships for students and teaching or training for academic staff.

The Faculty of Education has been covering ERASMUS+ programme for student, teacher and staff mobility for a number of years. More than 80 students and 40 employees of the Faculty of Education travel through the Erasmus programme every year. Thanks to bilateral agreements with universities in all over Europe over 100 foreign students enrol in various courses at the Faculty of Education every year.

Contact persons:

  • doc. RNDr. Miroslava Černochová, CSc., Vice-Dean for International Relations, Erasmus+ Programme Faculty Coordinator

  • PhDr. Iva Beránková, Erasmus+ Administrator (outgoing staff and projects)

  • Petra Zákoutská, Erasmus+ Administrator (students with special needs, PhD students, incoming staff)

  • Mgr. Jana Peclová Erasmus+ Administrator (incoming and outgoing students)

  • Mgr. Nikola Velíšková

  • Charles University: Mgr. Ester Brožova (Erasmus+ Programme Institutional Coordinator)

For more information about the ERASMUS+ programme at our University please visit:

General Erasmus+ Programme documents:

Structure of the main activities of the Erasmus+ Programme

  • KA1: Learning Mobility of Individuals

  • KA2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

  • KA3: Support for policy reform

  • Jean Monnet Activities

  • Sport

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