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Research Funding at Charles University

Charles University Research Development Schemes (PRVOUK)

The Charles University Research Development Schemes (known under the Czech acronym PRVOUK) have been providing institutional support for research at Charles University since 2012. The schemes are financed from the funding received from the state budget to support the University’s long-term strategic development as a research organization (known as ‘institutional funding’). The aim of the schemes is to maintain and improve the quality and quantity of research outputs at the University – not only on a national level, but also internationally. The schemes are open for a five-year period (until the end of 2016). Currently PRVOUK incorporates 48 programmes ranging from humanities and social sciences to medicine and natural sciences. All 17 faculties and 4 other parts of the University are involved in the programmes, some of which are involve cooperation among different faculties.

Charles University Monographs Competition

The primary aim of this competition is to reward the authors of high-quality monographs and their ‘home’ faculties (or other parts of the University). The competition is intended to complement the existing system of institutional funding to higher education institutions. The most important monographs published by the University during a given period are evaluated by two expert committees (one for humanities and the other for medicine and natural sciences) according to clearly defined standards that must be met by any publication for it to be considered a major contribution to its field. The competition is open to faculties and other parts of the University which receive institutional funding to support their long-term strategic development.

Specific Academic Research Projects Competition

The purpose of this competition is to support research pursued at the University as part of accredited doctoral and Master’s degree programmes. The competition is held annually for projects lasting one year. It is open to research teams from all faculties and CERGE (the Centre for Economic Research and Graduate Education).

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