Charles University Grant Agency (GAUK)

The University’s internal grant funding system includes the Charles University Grant Agency (GAUK), which was established in 1993 and is the only internal grant agency within the University. Applications to fund new projects or to extend the provision of funding to current projects can only be submitted by students matriculated at Charles University in a doctoral or Master’s degree programme. The opening of the applications procedure for each new year is announced at the start of the academic year. Applications are submitted via the GAUK web application.

Contact person: or

  • Notice for researchers with ongoing GA UK projects. The head researcher has to input the supervisor / supervisor into the grant proposal, where according to the rules of GA UK, funding on the basis of DPP or rewards can be granted as a form of payment to the supervisor. In total, worload of 1.2 must not be bridged at the faculty - if your supervisor, for example, is the guarantor of the program, he / she cannot have less than 1.0 workload per contract. The rules stipulate that the university / faculty employee may not have more than 1 week. Therefore, the supervisor cannot be paid remuneration on the basis of agreements (DPP / DPČ). In such cases, please select the remuneration in the form of rewards. It is therefore recommended that faculty staff in the role of supervisor always have a reward in the project proposal, not an agreement. This is set by the head researcher / applicant in the project proposal in the webapps application. The provision of grant funding is governed by the GAUK Guidelines, which are discussed and approved by the Research Board and the University Academic Senate; the Guidelines are also registered with the Ministry of Education. Other bodies involved in the system are the Charles University Grants Board, the GAUK Supervisory Board, and three GAUK subject-area boards (for social sciences, natural sciences and medicine).

  • Notice in the future of moving faculty to the building in Hostivař We ask GAUK project developers to sign the authorization of OVČ PedF officers to sign intra-faculty forms during the signing of GAUk contracts. It will make your work easier and you will not have to go to the faculty to sign the notes to draw the budget. Therefore, the form can be signed at the same tiem as the GAUK contract. sample form in Czech

Guidelines for GAUK/START researchers

Note: for the invoice form the faculty bank account is 85236011/0100(bank code), bank name: Komerční banka - for reimbursment of invoices in the Czech Republic, for international invoices the IBAN/SWIFT code is CZ43 0100 0000 0000 8523 6011 SWIFT: KOMB CZ PP

  • Drawing a Budget FAQ:

    Question: I am a PhD student in my 3rd year of study, can I apply for GAUK? Won't this prolong my studies?

    As in the last round, the application for a new project can only be submitted by a student during the standard period of master's or doctoral studies. However, the project can be completed even after exceeding the standard study period. Fulfillment of the condition of the standard period of study really only concerns the phase of submitting the application for a new project.

    Question: Can I pay external consultants for the project's personal cost budget, eg in the form of DPČ, DPP?

    Unfortunately, personal expenses for projects such as GAUK and START are a fixed item, which belongs only to the capital. researchers / researchers listed in the project proposal, it is therefore not possible to enter into an employment relationship with an external person outside the project (or outside the CU, who may appear in the project within the research team). It is not even possible to make a change, eg as adding another member of the research team.

    Question: Can I have an external payment in the form of a service / invoice within the budget?

    Yes, only if the given subject is a company / self-employed person, it is possible to draw from non-investment / material costs of the project budget. The entity must therefore issue an invoice for the service and you can report this in the annual report in the project.

    Question: Can I start drawing funds from the project before signing the contract?


    Question: Can I possibly refinance a trip from GAUK that will take place already this year before the start of the project implementation?

    Unfortunately no, you can only have planned expenses financed within the project implementation period (i.e. April of the following year and beyond)

    Question: Who at the faculty is responsible for helping to solve the financial drawing of the project? Who to contact?

    Iveta Knopová Iveta Knopová is the faculty of the economic department for GAUk projects.

    Question: Can I buy devices from any company when it comes to electronics (computers, tablets, etc.?)

    No. it is necessary that ch. the solver discussed with eco. department this type of withdrawal and filled out the form at or when the number of the PedF center will be turned off (assigned after consultation with Ms. Knopová ) and selected from the catalog of devices of companies with which the faculty has an agreement.

    Before ensuring the relevant procedure regarding the purchase of IT technology from any projects, it is necessary to provide more detailed information to and

    The information you send must include:

    1. Requirement for the type of laptop, or at least the required parameters (Specify whether the parameters are a specific laptop or whether it will be intended for standard work);

    2. The approximate price of the required equipment;

    3. The center no. from which the technique will be financed.

    4. Only after written confirmation from the ORP that the purchase does not need to be made through a tender procedure, it is possible to place an order via

    Question: What should I do if I have already been on a trip as part of the project solution and I have already paid everything and did not report the trip to OZV?

    In this case, it is possible to enter a so-called drobné vydání, where you need receipts/documents about tickets/air tickets/accommodation + document that everything was lit from your account/fire card. You then send the documents to Mrs. Ing. Knopová/Mgr. Rudorfer for processing. However, make sure that all invoices/tax documents contain the address of PedF UK as the customer of the service (M. Rettigové 4, 116 39, Prague 1)

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