Charles University Grant Agency (GAUK)

The University’s internal grant funding system includes the Charles University Grant Agency (GAUK), which was established in 1993 and is the only internal grant agency within the University. Applications to fund new projects or to extend the provision of funding to current projects can only be submitted by students matriculated at Charles University in a doctoral or Master’s degree programme. The opening of the applications procedure for each new year is announced at the start of the academic year. Applications are submitted via the GAUK web application.

The provision of grant funding is governed by the GAUK Guidelines, which are discussed and approved by the Research Board and the University Academic Senate; the Guidelines are also registered with the Ministry of Education. Other bodies involved in the system are the Charles University Grants Board, the GAUK Supervisory Board, and three GAUK subject-area boards (for social sciences, natural sciences and medicine).

These projects GA UK are currently being solved at the Faculty of Education:

Project title: The Phenomenon of Architecture and its Pedagogical Implications

Main Investigator: MgA. Pavla Gajdošíková

Duration: 2017-2019

Project title: Research of pedagocial and children mucial creativity in conditions of transformation of pre-school education

Main Investigator: Mgr. Petra Slavíková

Duration: 2017-2019

Project title: Unemployment of higher education graduates in the Czech Republic

Main Investigator: Mgr. Martin Zelenka

Duration: 2017-2018

Project title: The Cosmological Education by Eugen Fink

Main Investigator: Mgr. Eva Dědečková

Duration: 2017-20189

Project title: School special educator attitudes and school principals attitudes in the inclusive proces

Main Investigator: Mgr. Jana Mrázková

Duration: 2017-2019

Project title: The Train Transports of Volhynian Czechs from the Soviet Union in 1947 in the Memory of the Survivors

Main Investigator: Mgr. Dagmar Martinková

Duration: 2017

Project title: CROSS RANKING 2017

Main Investigator: Ing. Aleš Bartůšek

Duration: 2017

Project title: Written narrative texts as the indicators of communication competence of pupils and students with hearing impairment in the Czech language

Main Investigator: Mgr. Marie Komorná

Duration: 2017-2018

Project title: Reflection ongoing educational reform in music education at the primary school (research on primary school and pedagogical universities at Czech Republic)

Main Investigator: Mgr. Barbora Šobáňová

Duration: 2016-2017

Project title: Understanding poetry in school instruction

Main Investigator: Mgr. Karolína Voldřichová

Duration: 2016-2018

Project title: Formal support of parents with intellectual disabilities: Analysis of capabilities, knowladge and attitudes of social workers supporting parents with intellectual disabilities within fieldwork

Main Investigator: Mgr. Zdeńka Adamčíková

Duration: 2016-2017

Project title: Predictors of social participation of children with cerebral palsy in primary schools in Czech Republic and Republic of Serbia

Main Investigator: Marija Zulič

Duration: 2016-2017

Project title: Phraseological minimum of the Czech language as a foreign language

Main Investigator: Mgr. Varvara Skibina

Duration: 2016-2017

Project title: Forms of property tenure of women in the royal family

Main Investigator: Mgr. Jitka Friedlová

Duration: 2016-2017

Project title: Education for war refugees in Bohemia and Moravia during the First World War

Main Investigator: Mgr. Bohuslav Rejzl

Duration: 2016-2017

Project title: Systematic intervention of early reading and writing skills

Main Investigator: Mgr. Petra Šedinová

Duration: 2016-2018

Project title: School mobility. Multiple case study of transfers of pupils in primary and secondary education

Main Investigator: Mgr. Jan Vyhnálek

Duration: 2016-2017

Project title: Motivation of teachers for professional development and career growth

Main Investigator: Mgr. Jaroslav Pěnička

Duration: 2016-2018

Project title: Classroom climate seen through the eyes of students, teachers and parents

Main Investigator: Mgr. Michaela Titmanová

Duration: 2015-2017

Project title: Pupils in the primary school for whom English is an additional language

Main Investigator: Mgr. Aneta Novotná

Duration: 2015-2017

Project title: Reading comprehension as a prerequisite for successful strategy of word problems solving

Main Investigator: Mgr. Alena Sigmundová

Duration: 2015-2017

Project title: The development of writing from 1st to 5th grade of the elementary school

Main Investigator: Mgr. Olga Kučerová

Duration: 2015-2017

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