University Research Centres (UNCE)

University Research Centres (UNCE)

In accordance with its Long-term Plan, Charles University operates the University Research Centres (known under the Czech acronym UNCE) to provide targeted support to ambitious young academics doing high-quality basic research. The proposal for the competition was approved unanimously by the faculty Deans at a special session of the Rector’s Collegium on 6 June 2011 and at the session of the University Research Board on 30 June 2011. In 2011 applications for a total of 47 projects were submitted (13 from humanities and social sciences, 34 from medicine and natural sciences), of which 27 were approved for funding (9 from humanities and social sciences, 18 from medicine and natural sciences). The Research Centres will remain active for 6 years (until 2017).

The University Research Centre at the Faculty of Education:

Centre for Research of Elementary Education

The centre is coordinated by the Institute for Research and Development of Education. The outputs of the projects are mainly published in the journal Orbis scholae.

Orbis Scholae  

Orbis scholae is a peer-reviewed journal which has been published by Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Education, since 2006. Orbis scholae focuses on the issues of schooling in its wider socio-cultural and global contexts. The journal is supervised and edited by IRDE Prague in co-operation with IRSE Brno. Three issues are published every year: two in Czech and one in English. Most issues have a thematic focus.

Starting from 2010, Orbis scholae is indexed in the international database Education Research Complete (available through EBSCO). Starting from 2013, Orbis scholae is included in the CEEOL database. In 2013 Orbis scholae is to be listed in SCOPUS.

Full texts of all issues are available to download at, within the section Archiv. Numerous leading scholars of the field from various countries have contributed to the English issues, on the following themes:



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