• This list contains the currently opened accredited study programmes for PhD. students. Please note that individual study plans have to be completed and submitted in compliance with the supervisor and the subject area board. The specific courses are available via the SIS system in the "search for subjects/courses" menu of the ISP.

Schedule of the academic year 2022/23

New course academic writting opened for PhD students:

- videotutorials -

ISP evaluation

how to connect OBD results to ISP

ISP setup

SIS orientation

ISP (DE) einrichten

OBD outputs (how to add )


Distance enrolment

Post-Doc initiation

- manuals -

remote enrolment

ISP setup

ISP assesment

How to input your dissertation into the SISCUNI Doctoral studies manualOBD outputs manual

- links -

Research/Grant opportunities

Sci department Contacts

Staff/PhD student assistance

CUNI PhD student welcome day

CUNI PhD student HUB

CUNI SIS orientation

Currently offered conferences

Doctoral Study Standards

- forms -

Request for dissertation defense

General request form

Request for travel

duty/exam fullfilment

- important documents -

Dean's measure No. 26/2021 Doctoral studies standards at PedF CUNI

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