Characteristics of the Studies

The doctoral studies are conceived as a preparatory programme for scholars and researchers whose creative endeavours contribute to the development of theory and research in the field of philosophy of education and similar social sciences related to philosophy. The programme aims preferably to enhance their relevant expertise, to disseminate relevant research findings and trends in the field of education and tocultivate methodological competences of doctoral students.

General focus of the study programme offers students the chance to get acquainted more deeply with the pedagogical disciplines. The focal point of the doctoral study is a doctoral dissertation/thesis, defined as an original scholarly work whose findings enrich the respective field of study within the broader context of developing the discipline.

Individual Study Plan (ISP)

How to complete your ISP

1. open the Ph.D. web in English

2. You will pick the following courses that you put into the plan

-You skip the first modul -a-. Being a foreign student you don´n need to

pass the exam from a foreign language.

-the second module: you insert all the courses from this module: Ph.D.

Seminar I, II.,III., IV, Methodological course

-the third modul: you insert all contained courses: beginnig

Participation in conference to Educational activity.

-the forth module: Obligatory with alternative course: you put ONE only

you chose (History of Philosophy of Education or ....)

-the fifth module: Obligatory with alternative course: you put ONE only

you chose (History of Philosophy or ....)

-the sixts module: Obligatory with alternative course: you put ONE only

you chose (Europe and its Changes or ....)

-the seventh module: Optional courses: here you insert ONE course from the list (Philosophy of Education, Theory of Education, Cultural Psychology). If you graduated from pedagogy, you can choose a course that is offered at our faculty or at other faculty, Charles University.

syllabi of individual courses can be found here

Filosofie výchovy

AND ONE course you found at the faculty (Černochová or so)

-you put: Ph.D. State Examination.

Ph.D. student in the cooperation with his/her supervisor draws up the ISP where the student plans and specifies study obligations. The main accent will be put on the controlled self-study and on the individual scientific-research activities. The ISP, approved by the Doctoral (Subject Area) Board, includes: compulsory subjects, study obligations, other obligations and recommended activities. It has to include the planned terms of exams and the time line of the work on the dissertation.

Study obligations

List of courses and codes for the study major Philosophy of Education

Obligations for student:

  • the ISP has to be submitted no later than two months after the start of study

  • the Report on fulfilling of the study plan has to be submitted after the end of each academic year, no later than the end of September

Compulsory subjects finished by examination:

  • Publishing at least two academic articles and one non-academic article:

    ● two articles in an academic journal or a collection;

    ● one article in a magazine or newspaper selected in agreement with a supervisor.

Study obligations with the output: confirmation of the fulfilment of the study obligation:

  • The work on the extended annotation of the dissertation and its submission at the end of the first year of study

  • The offer of subjects and seminars relevant for particular categories

Other obligations which the student has to satisfy during the studies:

  • Conference activities - at least three participations; the active participation at 1 conference in the residential country – the programme and the abstract of the paper in English have to be submitted; and the active participation at 2 international scientific conferences with English as the official language - the programme and the abstract of the paper in English have to be submitted

  • Publication activities – minimum 3 essays in English in the scientific journal or peer-reviewed proceedings

  • Participation at the scientific and pedagogical activities of the training workplace

  • State doctoral examination ODSZ01

  • Defence of the dissertation

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