Course list

You can find the list of offered Erasmus+ courses for the academic year 2022/2023 HERE

Updated: 16.1.2023


  • Erasmus students are not allowed to pick other courses from Faculty of Education outside those listed above.

  • Students must pick courses from the department they are coming to.

  • Erasmus students are allowed to choose courses from other faculties but other faculties are not obligated to accept them.

    • If the student picks courses from other faculties, they are required to pick 51% of courses and credits from the Faculty of Education.

  • Faculty of Education offers courses in multiple language.

    The language is specified by the last letter of the code followingly:

    • Z = English

    • Y = German

    • W= French

    • T = Russian

Last change: January 16, 2023 11:09 
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