Didactics of Art Education

Programme of study: Didactics of Art Education

Guarantor of the programme of study: doc. PhDr. Marie Fulková, Ph.D.

E-mail: marie.fulkova@pedf.cuni.cz

Characteristics of the Studies

The Art Education didactics PhD study programme supports areas of fine arts and its theory connected with the social science of education and didactics in a comprehensive realm of inquiry-based and international scientific approach. The PhD programme should strengthen the knowledge of art education and art reflection in the specialisation of Art education and Creative arts majors thus being focused on the Art class didactics. The research area of the programme then the main focus is to implement the model of reflective art which is targeted towards creative and inquiry-based art production which the consequently leads towards the creation of methodologies and frameworks for didactic and pedagogical transformations in the fine and creative arts.

Entrance Examination

Applicants are required to submit a dissertation thesis research proposal (case study proposal) with their application, which represents comprehensive and concrete research focus of an inquiry based project which has all the formal necessities of a future thesis in terms of academic writing skill (citation norm and bibliography) and can also include visual elements such as illustrations related to the subject matter of the project proposal. The elementary knowledge of the selected literature is also a requirement. During the entrance exam applicants introduce their research projects to the committee, actively engage in a group discussion, during which the committee judges the professional prerequisites and knowledge of each applicant and their compatibility with the research program of the department of arts. Part of the discussion lead in English is necessary in order to judge the fluency and accuracy in terms of the use of academic language. List of publications and previous research in the area is more than welcome to be introduced during the examination as well.

Evaluation Criteria: The applicant can get a maximum of ten points, the number of points for the admission to study is getting at least seven points.

Candidates are admitted to study if they meet all admission requirements

a) officially-verified certification of completed undergraduate degree (Master´s degree progeramme)

b) to pass an entrance examination, reach minimum number of point determined by the Dean,

c) to meet any other requirements specified by a given field of study.

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