Special Education

Programme of study: Special Education

Guarantor of the programme of study: doc. PhDr.Lea Květoňová, Ph.D.

E-mail: lea.kvetonova@pedf.cuni.cz

Characteristics of the Studies

The main objective of the study programme special education is to prepare highly qualified staff for theoretical and in the fieldwork in the area of providing special education services in the widest possible range, according to the differentiated structure of the Czech study fields of special education (SSP – support for disabilities related to sight, hearing, physical or mental state, support for citizens with communication skill deficits, autistic spectrum disorders, behavioural disorders or support for people with social disadvantages) with special focus on the current issues of contemporary special education in the international context. The fundamental asset of the PhD study in the field of special education is the preparation of specialists to succeed in independent scientific research projects, leading to their personal and career growth to enrich the scientific field of special education as a modern social science area.  Program without specialization.

Entrance Examination

The two main requirements in order to complete a successful admission to the study programme special education are successful passing through the entrance examination and previous completion of master study program special education, psychology or equivalent of university teacher qualification with a sufficient extracurricular subject content related to special education.

All applicants have to submit a dissertation project proposal in writing in addition to their application. The topic of the project has to comply with the areas of interest within the area of special education.  An essential part of the admission process is the entrance exam, during which a discussion over the dissertation topic takes place (e.g. use of the terminology, output hypothesis formulation, the suggestion of research methodology, cited works etc.).

During the entrance exam the committee moderates a professional discussion with the applicant during which applicants should prove their knowledge and skills in the scientific area of special education and other borderline scientific fields, which should prove that the applicant exceeds their knowledge of master degree state exam, furthermore, applicants should prove to the committee during the discussion their ability to start their own scientific research work – participation in research activities, scientific conference contributions, publication and article writing etc.

Evaluation Criteria: The applicant can get a maximum of ten points, the number of points for the admission to study is getting at least seven points.

Candidates are admitted to study if they meet all admission requirements

a) officially-verified certification of completed undergraduate degree (Master´s degree progeramme)

b) to pass an entrance examination, reach minimum number of point determined by the Dean,

c) to meet any other requirements specified by a given field of study.

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