Educational and School Psychology

Programme of study: Educational and School Psychology

Guarantor of the programme of study: doc. PhDr., PaedDr., Anna Kucharská, Ph.D.


Characteristics of the Studies

Doctoral study is designed as a preparation of researchers in the field of educational and school psychology, who will participate in the development of psychological theory and research through independent creative activities. Doctoral study will deepen the knowledge in the field with the application of Czech and foreign knowledge and research results, will further extend the methodological and research skills and competences of doctoral students, as well as presentation skills, with an emphasis on educational and school psychology, other psychological disciplines and social sciences. The focus of the doctoral study is the dissertation, which has the character of the original scientific work. Through the dissertation thesis of the empirical-theoretical or theoretical research, the doctoral student gains new knowledge on the studied topic and thus enriches its scientific description and conceptualization. The dissertation is involved in the development of the field in the national and international context. The aim of the study is to prepare researchers who, in the case of further academic career at the university, gets involved in pedagogic, scientific and research activities in educational and school psychology, possibly also in related psychological disciplines and other social sciences; in case of practical psychological activity the workers will theorize the given field and encompass it into a broader professional context.


Foreign applicants should have completed a state examination from the field of Psychology/Education+Psychology, this qualification criterion is described in the Czech Act No. 563/2004 Coll. Act, § 19 on Pedagogical Workers and on Amendments to Certain Acts (in Czech: § 19 Zákon č. 563/2004 Sb.). Since the faculty of Educations requires all academic staff to have psychology/education profile + their specialization profile (natural sciences, social sciences, arts)you will have to prove your knowledge from both areas (education/psychology + your study major which you received a master diploma from). Again, if you fail to prove your skills and knowledge as a scientist in these areas, your application will be rejected.

Entrance Examination

The elementary requirement is completed a master's degree in the area of educational psychology. Furthermore, graduates from other study programs from the similar study areas such as (psychology teaching, special education, etc.), the main requirement is that the applicant has completed their state exam is psychology (or at least key psychology disciplines).

An essential part of the admission process is the entrance exam, during which a committee judges whether the applicant has the sufficient interest in the area and has all the prerequisites for scientific work (e.g. use of the terminology, output hypothesis formulation, the suggestion of research methodology). All applicants have to submit their dissertation project proposal in writing in addition to their application. The topic of the project has to comply with the areas of interest within educational and school psychology, furthermore, the proposal should also include a list of cited works. The proposal should also include a brief description of the topic, hypotheses formulation, research objectives and questions, the proposal of specific methodologies, data gathering, an overview of domestic (Czech) and foreign literature related to the dissertation topic. During the entrance exam the committee moderates a professional discussion with the applicant during which applicants should prove their knowledge and skills in the scientific area of educational psychology.

Evaluation Criteria: The applicant can get a maximum of ten points, the number of points for the admission to study is getting at least seven points.

Candidates are admitted to study if they meet all admission requirements

a) officially-verified certification of completed undergraduate degree (Master´s degree progeramme)

b) to pass an entrance examination, reach minimum number of point determined by the Dean,

c) to meet any other requirements specified by a given field of study.

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