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Department of Psychology


The Department's primary duties are to guarantee and provide teaching in psychology subjects relevant for all full-time or part-time undergraduate students of the Faculty of Education and particularly to guarantee and provide teaching for students of Psychology. Students can study Psychology in Bachelor´s, Master´s and doctoral programs. The Department provides Life-long education courses in school psychology and educational counselling. All students are offered the support of Psychology counselling centre.

Scientific activities

The Department has a long and successful tradition in research dedicated to psychological problems relevant for education and school socialization organized on its own grounds as well as in cooperation with domestic or foreign partners. The leading interests can be subsumed under the topics of mental development, school socialization, school successfulness of minorities, language development, pupils’ motivation, and specific aspects of teacher profession, teachers’ diagnostics and auto-diagnostics, teachers’ burnout. The Department takes pride in research teamwork with its students, both postgraduate and undergraduate.






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