Czech and Czechoslovak History

Characteristics of the Studies

The aim of doctoral studies is to prepare qualified researchers in the field of Czech and Czechoslovak history, who will become the mainstay of further historical research. The studies develop special knowledge of doctoral students and provide them with a deeper understanding of the chosen specialization. Via lectures and seminars, doctoral students get acquainted with the latest knowledge of historical science as well as current trends in methodology. The focus of doctoral studies lies in presenting written dissertation thesis of original scholarly work based on the original source base. PhD thesis should extend previous research findings, and doctoral students also demonstrated the ability to handle the topic with adequate methods and at the international level.

Entrance Examination

Discussion about applicant's research project proposal. The research project must be sent together with the application to the Department of Science, Faculty of Education, Charles University. The applicant must demonstrate their qualifications for scientific work. Emphasis will be placed on the orientation of the scientific production of the chosen topic, the ability to issue partial integration into the general historical context and to formulate own conclusions. The applicants submit the research project up to 10 pages including bibliography. The project topic chosen by themselves usually corresponds with the overall theme, which they would like to pursue during doctoral studies.

Candidates are admitted to study if they meet all admission requirements

a) officially-verified certification of completed undergraduate degree (Master´s degree progeramme)

b) to pass an entrance examination, reach minimum number of point determined by the Dean,

c) to meet any other requirements specified by a given field of study.

Evaluation Criteria:

The applicant can get a maximum of ten points, the number of points for the admission to study is getting at least seven points.

Graduate Profile

The graduate of doctoral study programme Czech and Czechoslovak History is equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge in the area of historical work, namely in scientific research as well as teaching history. Occupationally the graduate works at universities and colleges, in scientific institutions, museums, galleries and other cultural institutions.

Prof. PhDr. Jiří Pokorný, CSc., Supervisor of Doctoral Studies


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