University Agreements

Currently, the Charles University has nearly 200 international agreements signed with universities from all over the world. These are aimed at encouraging and intensifying peer cooperation in research and education.

The Faculty of Education participates in approximately one third of the university agreements. Its participation involves the exchange of students and teachers but also co-researching and solving of common scientific problems. A list of the partner universities is available at the Charles University website.

These university agreements provide the legal framework which makes it possible for foreign students to come to study at the Faculty of Education for one or two semesters every year. The students of our Faculty take part in scholarship sojourns and language courses, particularly at German universities. University teachers abundantly use the opportunity to go to short term sojourns in order to do research, compile their publications or collect material for their theses.

The host university will award the visiting MA, BA or PhD student a scholarship which is to cover lodging and subsistence. Guest scholars will be remunerated by the foreign partner university for their subsistence and accommodation expenses. The Faculty of Education of the Charles University acts reciprocally by funding the sojourns of the guest university students and scholars, as stipulated in the university agreement.

In addition to the international agreements, the Charles University has also concluded the so called “cotutelle” agreements with various universities abroad, thus arranging for dual supervision of doctoral dissertations (i.e. the dissertation project is co-supervised by one Czech and one international party).

Foreign students and teachers may apply for these study sojourns through the international affairs departments at their home university.

Alternatively, they may also get in touch with the Department for International Relations at the Faculty of Education, Charles University and inquire about the available opportunities to come for a study sojourn to our Faculty.

For more information please contact Mrs. Iva Beránková (

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