Bilateral Faculty Agreements

The Faculty of Education, Charles University, has signed bilateral agreements for research and education co-operation with several universities abroad. These so-called Faculty agreements have been concluded with the following universities:


  • IUFM des Pays se la Loire, Université de Nantes

  • IUFM de Cergy-Pontoise, Université de Versailles

Russian Federation:

  • Moscow State Regional University

  • Institut filosofii i prava Sibirskogo otdelenija Rossijskou akademii nauk


  • Belarus University in Minsk


  • Presov University

  • Matej Bela University in Banská Bystrica


  • Faculty of Language, Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education, Université du Luxembourg


  • Univerzita kardinála Stefana Wyszińského, Warszawa


  • Burapha University

The Faculty agreements provide the legal framework for annual exchange of teachers who go on lecture and research sojourns, for the exchange of student groups who use this opportunity to perform their compulsory teaching practice, and individual student exchanges for one semester.

Education Faculty students generally apply for these sojourns through their departments. Foreign students are advised to contact the international relations department at their university and find out about the opportunities to study at our Faculty. As an alternative, they can also get in touch with the Department for International Relations of the Faculty of Education, Charles University.

The host institution generally agrees to cover all the accommodation and subsistence expenses of the visiting students and teachers, possibly even to reimburse the scholarship of the visiting student(s), while the home institution of the visiting student or teacher covers the travelling costs, within budgetary limits.

For more information please contact Mrs. Iva Beránková (

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