D-DUR (Children, Teachers and Parents´ Day)

The Faculty of Education celebrated the official Teachers´ Day with the D-DUR event on Saturday, March 3, at the faculty´s location. The students of the faculty organized the entertainment and an educational program dedicated to children of the first grade of basic school. Not only that, students of the faculty appeared in costumes from the Middle Ages and had prepared a very attractive program including a theatre performance, historical fencing, the making of coats of arms, playing the shawm, writing with goose quill, etc. The children were also invited to enter a real Alchemist´s workshop, an unforgettable and deep experience, and they were invited to visit a dragon cave and a snake pit. The faculty building was occupied and settled by princes, medieval knights, their pages and, of course, princesses and their maidservants. People who took part in the event were also offered pleasant refreshment.

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