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Documents of Socially Engaged Art

This multi-disciplinary and co-curated exhibition presents photographic, video and research documentation of the socially-engaged research projects carried out by the Horizon 2020 Project AMASS (Acting on the Margins: Arts as Social Sculpture).

The Project has seen over 25 researched and documented projects taking place during 2021, with 8 European partners producing a number of projects each.

The exhibition will present research findings from these projects, but will also reveal the human element behind them; the time that communities and artists spend working together, and the depth of understanding and empathy that emerges through socially-engaged art. Some works of art created by participants will also be shown within the exhibition. A seminar discussing the exhibition topics will take place in the first weeks of the exhibition.

AMASS has received funding from the European Unionís Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 870621.

Začátek akce 10. prosince 2021
Konec akce 23. ledna 2022
Druh akce Výstava
Webové stránky https://www.kreattivita.org/en/event/documents-of-socially-engaged-art/
Cílová skupina Akademická obec i veřejnost
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