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KMDM srdečně zve všechny zájemce z řad akademiků i studentů na přednášku prof. Simpsona z UK, jejíž zaměření je obecnější (přenášení výsledků výzkumu do výuky).

"Evidence-based education” involves transporting research findings to classroom practice. This talk will argue that there are two routes through which this transportation happens: “direct research into practice” (DRIP) and “theory into practice” (TIP). The DRIP route involves taking research studies, often conducted in laboratory or other highly controlled settings, identifying a type of intervention and arguing that a similar effect should occur when the intervention is used in the classroom. This is the reasoning behind common recommendations from respected authorities such as the ‘Deans for impact’, but this talk will show it is flawed. Taking the case of the ‘interleaving effect’ - a robust finding in psychology of enhanced inductive learning in given contexts when stimuli are mixed up rather than blocked together - the talk will show that policy recommendations do not match the research findings. Examining the TIP route suggests that the interleaving effect, while psychologically interesting, has little or no relevance to the classroom. Note: There is an old saying in English "there´s many a slip twixt cup and lip" which means that even when it looks like a good outcome is inevitable, there is still an opportunity for things to go wrong. The title is a pun on this. "Twixt" is a very old fashioned word meaning "between".



Začátek akce 6. května 2021 v 16:00
Konec akce 6. května 2021 v 18:00
Druh akce Přednáška
Organizátor Katedra matematiky a didaktiky matematiky
Místo konání akce https://cuni-cz.zoom.us/j/3270856405
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