International Week at Absalon


Monday April 17, 2023: Arrival day.

Tuesday April 18, 2023: Meeting at Campus Roskilde, Main entrance at 9:00 – 16:00

- Welcome (a tour around campus and presentation of all participants).

- Presentation of Danish school system and teacher education at University College

Absalon By René Boyer Christiansen, Head of Studies and Research & Louise Flege,

Associate Professor and International Coordinator.

- Break (coffee/tea, fruit)

- Workshop: Working in groups with comparative analysis of areas within inquirybased

teaching such as differentiation, role of the teacher/student/pupil, responsibility

of own learning process etc. Facilitated by Absalon’s staff using cooperative

learning structures. Participants will have to prepare for this activity (detailed description

of what to prepare will be send out in January 2023).

- Lunch

- Presentation of a research project, where inquire based teaching is central (BEAM

supported by Novo Nordisk Foundation -

nordisk-fonden ). By Dorte Læssøe Ivarsen, Associate Professor and International


- Break (coffee/tea)

- Questions and reflections of the day facilitated by Absalon’s staff.

Wednesday April 19, 2023: Meeting at Campus Roskilde, main entrance at 8:30 – 15:00

- Visiting schools in the area around Roskilde. - The schools that we visit are part of

Absalon’s research projects and are examples of working with playful learning and

inquiry based in school.

- You will get a chance of visiting different classes of different age groups between 6-

16 years old and in different subjects.

- During the day, Absalon’s staff will facilitate group discussions with point of departure

in specified observations done by participants in the classes.

- Tea/coffee and lunch will be provided

Wednesday April 19, 2023: Meeting at Campus Roskilde 17:00-19:00 (optional):

- Historical Guided City Tour to Roskilde including visiting Roskilde’s UNESCO Cathedral.

See more at: and

Thursday April 20, 2023: Meeting at Campus Roskilde, main entrance at 9:00-15:30

- Presentation of a PhD project: Playful Foreign Language Teaching and Learning - a

Design-Based study of Collaboration and Knowledge Transformation between the

domains of Educational Research and Educational Practice. By PhD student and Associate

Professor Anne Kristine Petersen.

- Small playfull exemplary activities where participants will get examples of playfull


- Lunch

- Visiting classes at University College Absalon. Students who have participated in

Anne Kristine’s research project will guide you to their classes and facilitate discussions

about Playful Learning in teacher education and schools.

- Break

- Questions and reflections of the day facilitated by Absalon’s staff.

Thursday April 20, 2023: Farewell dinner at a restaurant in Roskilde. Time and place will follow.

Friday April 21, 2023: Departure day

Practical Information:

As this staff week covers the criteria for an Erasmus staff exchange we advise you to apply

for Erasmus funding for this stay (ask your international coordinator).

The staff week itself is free of charge. Lunch Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is included

as well as tea/coffee during the breaks. University College Absalon also covers the farewell

dinner. There will always be vegetarian offers but any other requests can be stated when

signing up.

You need to book return tickets and accommodation yourself. From Campus Roskilde there

is a train going directly to Roskilde and Copenhagen. The campus is in walking distance from

Trekroner station. Tickets for the train, bus and metro can be bought at most main stations

(Copenhagen, Trekroner and Roskilde included).

Credit cards are accepted everywhere (VISA and MasterCard) - so no cash needed.

All participants will receive a diploma at the farewell dinner.

After signing up for the International Staff Week, you will receive further details and information

in January 2023, including information about what to prepare before arrival.

We are looking forward seeing you

Dorte Læssøe Ivarsen and Louise Flege

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